Debate Over The Creative Class

We recently came across this thought provoking article about Richard Florida’s work and the notion of a “Creative Class”.  Most professionals in the economic development field will tell you that there is no silver bullet for turning around local economies and that many of today’s approaches become tomorrow’s fads.  There is no one-size fits all approach.

While the author of this piece calls into question the success of Florida’s concept of the creative-class as a magnet for development there is no doubt that his popularity has helped to generate millions of conversations across the country, and here in our own state, about the value of creativity, tolerance, diversity, and the sense of place.  These conversations may not be directly translating into jobs (or new coffee houses) but they are helping us think in new ways about what is considered economic development.  It is also helping West Virginians see ourselves more clearly – from the eyes of outsiders and in terms of what we want to become.

How do you feel about Richard Florida and his creative class approach?

One Response to “Debate Over The Creative Class”

  1. I think like anything, Florida’s work requires thoughtful questioning and analysis about its relationship to a specific situation. It reminds me a little of social media. Too many people see success buzzing around social media, for example, and assume that media created the success.

    The success is the result of people being willing to embrace new ideas, try things in new ways, and have a strategy for creating results. As long as WV is willing to consider new ideas and strategically adapt them to our world, I think we are on the right track.

    I’ve found the new economy and creative communities concepts to be incredibly refreshing. I hope we keep moving in that direction!

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